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TOPS Data Processing Software  (End of Life 01/01/2018)

ADR Data Processing and Reporting Software

TOPS is the primary PC-based data processing tool for the ADR Plus data counter/classifier product line. It's main role is to allow a central computer to retrieve data files from an ADR-1000 Plus, ADR-2000 Plus, or ADR-3000 Plus, whether they are ASCII text-based PVR count records, or the more intricate binary binned-classification BIN data files. After retrieval, TOPS allows an operator to archive, report on, export, and further process the data. But TOPS has many other features, including several modules that greatly enhance the use of ADR Plus units, providing, for instance, interactive front panels for devices that may be a long way away, as well as automatic polling capabilities, and data backup routines.

Example TOPS screen

TOPS is available in three different packages, based on the capabilities and size of system you wish to support:

  • TOPS Essential – This is the basic package of TOPS. It includes the ability to retrieve, process, and analyze BIN data from ADR traffic counters. It includes the ADR Commander, Data Explorer, the Class Tree Editor, the Export Wizard and many other features. It can be used to retrieve PVR (Per Vehicle Record) data, however PVR records cannot be analyzed or otherwised processed within this version of TOPS. --
  • TOPS Professional – All the features of TOPS Essential, plus the Autopolling module. Contact Peek's Sales team to inquire about purchasing TOPS Professional.
  • TOPS Enterprise Edition – All of the features of TOPS Essential and TOPS Professional, plus the ability to work with PVR data within TOPS. Contact Peek's Sales team to inquire about purchasing TOPS Enterprise Edition.

User-friendly Windows-based software is essential for efficient operation of modern digital recording traffic counters and classifiers. TOPS fully supports your operations in a Windows 98, NT/2000 & Windows XP environments. This robust 32-bit application can operate on a stand-alone PC or in a network environment. All data transfer is handled in a fast binary format.

The TOPS program employs powerful database facilities while providing an incredibly easy-to-use interface for traffic data collection, editing, and reporting. TOPS processes any data file created from a Peek ADR recorder and imports data from other equipment. The program displays reports produced from the data on-screen in spreadsheet format for editing and direct printing. Because it is Windows-based, TOPS provides standard Windows features such as cut, copy, and paste, allowing you to easily move data within the program or between TOPS and other Windows-based programs. Create and save customized reports this way.

TOPS supports essential “truth in data” records. Original data files are retained in their native form as a built in backup facility. TOPS also uses a helpful wizard interface to get new users quickly up to speed with program operations.

The current release of TOPS is version 3.7.

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